R is for Reality. And careful! It bites!

Asheville was dreamy. Magic. We stayed at the Grove Park Inn. Ate dinner on the terrace as the sun went down. Lounged about sleeping in until 11 a.m. almost every morning. Got a facial (me) and a massage (him) - something we’ve never done before. We didn’t even do much other adventuring (except driving part of the way home yesterday along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and stopping at Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi), because we only wanted rest. And a good thing, too. The Coming Home has been .. ahem.. a bit rocky..

You heard the first part of the story. The storm, which knocked out the cable modem, also knocked out the power to most of the first floor of the house. Got a new cable modem today, and it looks like the router doesn’t work, so I hooked Jared’s computer directly to the cable modem, and at least we have one computer in the house with internet. Whew. That’s something!

The file server still won’t boot. We’ve got triple redundancy with twice-a-day backups, so the data is safe. The computer, we don’t know. That’s an adventure for this evening. As it is, I can’t access any of my files until at least tomorrow.

The electrician just came to check out why the power was still out in much of the kitchen. Turns out the surge shorted BOTH of the track fixtures - the one over the kitchen table and the main one over the island. Remember those cute fixtures? Yeah, they’re dead. He replaced one of them with a collar and a naked bulb, and just pushed the wires up into the hole of the one over the table. A bit of a downgrade. So now we either need to repurchase and reinstall the track and pendants, or have the electrician do it (we’ve been meaning to look at getting a couple more recessed lights put into the kitchen, so this might be the perfect chance, who knows?). And in the meantime (he gave us an estimate of 2 weeks) we can eat in the glow of the single naked lightbulb over our kitchen island…

I still count the fact that one computer has internet access (even if it isn’t MY computer, and even if I’m straddling a wire that crosses 5 feet to the cable modem) as a win, so the current score (but who is keeping track?): Reality 12, Us 1. But we are still kickin’.

Sounds like pizza night. :P AND we have internet access to be able to order it!

How has your Monday been? Anybody else joining us for pizza night tonight? Or when was your last “*sigh* sounds like pizza night” experience? Let’s commiserate!

In other news, Jared and I were married 8 years ago today, in a little ceremony in Utah. It was the best day of my entire life, and I’m an incredibly lucky girl to have found him. :) I will post a pic as soon as we figure out what happened to our file server…