Home! And sans internet..

So last night we were lounging about in our hotel room, lazily pondering whether we should get the backend of our class organized, send out emails, schedule things, etc. And we were like, “naaaahhh, we’re on vacay!”

We even got a call from Grandma that there was a pretty bad storm back on our side of the state last night. Bad enough to knock out the breaker to one whole section of the house. Jared’s mom told us she couldn’t get online from the laptop downstairs. But we didn’t know the extent of the damage until we walked in at 8:00 p.m. We were on vacation until then. And THEN, reality came back to hit us like a .. well.. like a lightning strike.

Apparently the lightning strike was powerful enough to go right through the surge protector to our cable modem and our file server.


If I see blood, I can be calm. If someone is injured, I can usually maintain a clear head.

But when we have CLASSES and REGISTRATION and EMAIL and (gasp) GOOGLING… well, now is the time to freak out.  There were some wild-eyed stares. There were some raised voices. There was some rushing about, and some slamming of doors.

And now it is 8:52 and we are at Borders finishing up the class organization. Desperate times, and all that.

All should go well for the beginning of Now We’re Rockin’ tomorrow.

But depending on when we can get another cable modem to our house, we MAY need to push the organization class registrations back until Tuesday or Wednesday this week. PLEASE stay tuned, and I will send out a general email to everyone as well.  

I will keep you posted, ok? Our house is too quiet without the hum and whir….