Off on a little vacay...

Oh yes. You read that right. The Couple Who Never Travels Together is actually going on a little side-trip for our anniversary (#8, officially on Monday). We’re driving over to Asheville tomorrow morning, staying til Sunday, and we can’t wait!

Grandma Carol is here visiting us, and she offered to stay with the kids while we go away for a few days. Oh yeah. Love her forever for that. :D Our last trip together was for our anniversary in 2006 (Remember the Outer Banks and stumbling on a hang gliding school? That was the very last adventure we had just us). So we’ll go see what adventures we can have in a westerly direction, and hopefully catch up on some sleep, and be able to talk to each other face to face, instead of calling over our shoulders such romantical things like, “I’m uploading that new image now, can you refresh?” and “Did you turn on that SEO optimization checkmark? It breaks the store! You can’t turn that on!” Ah yes. The romance runs deep around here when your office is your life is your hobby is your partnership. That’s why this trip will be so nice.

While I will have my laptop and will undoubtedly be checking email, I will try not to. ;)

And who knows? Maybe will find another hang gliding school. :D

Have an awesome weekend, and Happy Father’s day on Sunday to all the dads out there, especially if you are the husband of a scrapbooker (ahem, or a the husband of a scrapbooker I’ve turned to the dark side who also now wants external hard drives and a wide format printer…). I know what kind of man it takes to be married to one.

(And ladies, you can copy and paste that from me. It also contains subliminal messages that he needs to buy you the technology gadget of your choice…)

Happy weekend (and yeah, it feels good to be saying that on a Thursday…)!