One of the things I love about CKU is the chance to connect with other scrapbookers, and also to be reminded of why I do this crazy thing in the first place. I wandered about with my camera today, spying on my life, trying to capture a few of those details that might otherwise escape.


This is what a tea party looks like if you are a 4-year-old girl who happens to love trains and Lightnin’ McQueen. Note the smaller sized teacup to accommodate the mini-train. :) She invited ALL the friends. Ah. This photo makes my heart smile.


Elliott running through the kitchen with his new Rocket. The faster you run, the louder and faster he plays music. Oh yes. And we got that for him ourselves. Have only regretted it… a few times… 


 Elliott making a bubble beard in the tub. He only knows how to do this by sticking his entire face in the bubbles (mouth open) and then making a super loud POOF to blow the bubbles away from his mouth. And he looks just like a little garden gnome, minus the sweet red hat.


Two kids, spied through the bathroom door, watching the water go down the drain and make a whirlpool. There is much kicking and screaming and general melting down if the whirlpool cannot be witnessed each and every night. And it has sound effects. But it’s part of the ritual, and that makes it special.

Just a few glimpses as I slip back into Ordinary Life. :)