Okay. I suck at countdowns. :P

Now I owe days 5 and 4. Haha!

But seriously, we have been working SO hard to get things ready -  top that off with an attempt at balance and seeing my kids every now and then, and maybe eating once or twice. Oh! And heading over to my sweet friend Heather’s Girls’ Night In party tonight, in which we ate tons of snacks and watched Pride and Prejudice. I’ve never seen the version with Keira Knightley. I think it’s safe to say that all 10 of us were misty-eyed, romantical balls of goo by the end. OO honey. And a roomful of women with NO HUSBANDS groaning made it all that much better. :)

Then it was zip off back home and back to work! Hehe.

So what about the sneakies, you might ask? Okay!

Day 5 Sneak! A Shoebox Class for the Mac-Heads! 


I mentioned that there will be three (3) new instructor-led classes coming up! And for those of you who use a Mac and are feeling left out by Heidi’s AWESOME Getting Organized with ACDSee class, never fear! We have heard you loud and clear. I’ve invited my good friend Molly Schneider to teach a Shoebox class! For those of you with a Mac, Shoebox comes very highly recommended as a full-featured organization system, and Molly’s class will help you take full advantage of it! Molly’s class will involve a LIVE portion, and there are more details to come! :D

Day 4 Sneak!

(uhh.. this is where I start to panic a little bit - ack! 4 days!)

Day 4 Sneak! Self-Paced Classes!

This one will be a lot of fun, I think! I’m going to be releasing self-paced classes, for those who are in-between the instructor-led classes or if you’re just building skills and practicing. You’ll get instant access to these classes and can register anytime. Topics and formats will range from albums to layouts to hybrid projects. Can’t wait! I’m excited to continue to offer new stuff!

Have a great night, and see you for Day 3 of the countdown tomorrow! :D