May Photos, and a little enablin'

Nothing like a 3-day trip and a broken memory card to set you back a bit from a photo-a-day goal, eh? :\ I’m getting a new CF card today that will hopefully do its work (it will take photos, but no card reader can read it, so I have to transfer the photos through the camera, and the previews are all black, so I can’t tell what photo it is until I open it. Bleh.)

But I ‘ve been doing my best. Here’s mine so far:


Just home from San Francisco. I brought the kids a trolley lolly. After bathtime they sat in the laundry basket and pretended to ride a trolley while they licked their lollipops. Clang clang!




Elliott, hanging out on the porch in his new shirt. Sometimes the only story is the catch I get in my throat when I look at a photo. :)


Rowen gathered up leaves to “pay” Jared, pretending it was money. Apparently it does grow on trees now. :D



There are some incredible pics in the Photo-a-Day gallery at Have you been keeping up with your Pic-a-day for May? Link me up if you’ve posted on your blog. :)

Also, a little enabling. :)

Songbird Avenue has a GORGEOUS kit for May, a huge collaborative effort from all of their previous guest designers. All the proceeds from the sale of the Take Flight kit go to the Susan G. Komen foundation. I’ve already purchased mine! It’s delish. 

It’s ScrapArtist’s 3rd birthday celebration! Their sale starts tomorrow, but you can head over and pick up a beautiful collaborative kit for $3.33 right now. Okay! Go! :D