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Countdown to Relaunch: T-Minus 6 days!

After yesterday’s big announcement, you might think there’s not much more that could surprise and delight. But we’ve got more, oh yeah. The next announcement relates to the brand-new look and feel of the site.

We feel like we’ve grown a lot in the past year. We’ve learned a lot, and I know everyone who’s taken classes has learned a lot. I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in that growth, and as we thought about the new site and what we wanted it to BE like, to feel like, we made a list of some descriptive words, and went through a process of trying to distil our mission into a single statement.

Here it is:


I know that learning the stuff we teach at JessicaSprague.com (digital scrapbooking, photography, organization, and more to come) is not easy to learn. It’s not stuff you learn overnight. They are skllls that come with practice and hard work, and areas of knowledge that you can continue to learn things about for the rest of your life. But they are skills that grow. I love the idea of growth, and the opportunity that life presents us all to continue to try to gain knowledge and skill - growing to be better, different, more observant, more confident people. That’s what scrapbooking is to me, and what JessicaSprague.com is about.

This is about changing lives - yours and mine - it’s way more than Ctrl-c Ctrl-v, way more than the latest black-and-white conversion technique. I can look back and see the growth in so many areas of my own life in the past year, and I’ve heard from so many people who have grown because of their hard work in the digital and organization classes - who have accomplished goals, worked through incredibly difficult personal or family issues, who’ve found friends and a home and an opportunity to share their stories - the common everyday occurences that make life magic, and memories worth recording. I am honored and humbled to be part of YOUR life, and reading YOUR stories (in your layouts, on your blogs, in your comments here, and in your emails to me) motivates and inspires me. I hope you continue to consider JessicaSprague.com your home for growing your skills and staying inspired, too. :D

Much love to you in ALL you do.


Okay. I suck at countdowns. :P

Has this song always existed?