Countdown to Relaunch: T-Minus 7 days! News + Sneaks!

Every day leading up to our relaunch next Wednesday, I’ll be giving a little sneakie peek of NEW stuff to come!

The first is one of my very favorites, and I just can’t keep it to myself any longer! Scrapbookers of every type have one major thing in common (okay, after our undying love of collecting supplies): We love photos! This announcement is for EVERYONE who owns a digital SLR camera and would like to learn how to use it to take better photos. We’re announcing three new instructor-led classes at, and here’s the first!

Brand-New Class: Digital Photography with Candice Stringham


Coming exclusively to in her first online class, the incredibly talented Candice Stringham will be teaching a 6-week, instructor-led digital photography class! Ah, I am so excited for this. Candice is a good friend of mine, an incredible photographer, and an amazing teacher. She has such a willingness to teach what she knows, and she’s looking forward to sharing her insights in her instructor-led photography class! More details to come when we launch the new site - you’ll see samples and a full course description, but here are some highlights:

  • 6-week class with daily emails (5 days a week!)
  • Will require a digital SLR camera - that’s right! You’ll learn how to switch it off of the green camera and onto Manual!
  • Candice’s videos and step-by-step, personalized insruction
  • Personal feedback for EACH student in the class
  • Class size is limited!
  • Class will run in June-July! Mark your calendar!
For a great introduction to Candice’s teaching style, take a look at these video clips she created for Shutterfly. They are AWESOME. :D