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Catching up with the Pic-a-Day :D

I’m starting to recover from my headcold. Feeling like I can breathe again, and I don’t need to sleep all the time. Both very good things. :D Here’s May 8, Rowen painting in her new Wall-E painting book. More on him (LOTS more) later. 


 The new playset is installed! Our old one? Busted. Broken rungs on the ladder, broken roof, broken slide, and general ew. We’re redoing the backyard, and got a new playset to go along with it. :) This was the big reveal on Friday afternoon. 2 happy kids. :D


 A huge rainstorm. Huge. And in the aforementioned backyard remodel there’s a huge hole that filled with at least a foot of water. Oh man was that fun times for two small ones. Here’s Rowen, happy as a pig in the.. well… the mud. :D


 Elliott blowing all the “blowers” in the front yard. This one sent me running for the camera.


 Elliott’s favorite movies are YouTube videos of the planets and the solar system. I just love the way he’s got his legs tucked up, mama making dinner, daddy playing outside with Rowen, and there’s Ele, keeping me company at the island, the sounds of Elliott naming all the planets behind me.


 Rowen has a new man in her life. Move over, Lightnin’ McQueen. Here comes Wall-E. The movie doesn’t come out for 6 more weeks, but we’ve already got an assortment of books and painting books and coloring books, and we’ve watched the trailers on YouTube and the Disney DVDs many (many) times. She has been pretending to be Wall-E for about 4 days now. Anybody else have a kid who’s Wall-E crazy?


 More rain. More mud to play in. Kid paradise. And it’s totally not cold. Jared just comes from that “I grew up in Seattle and therefore if it’s raining I must wear a jacket” school of thought.


 More Wall-E. This trailer is on the Aristocats DVD. She thinks the part where Wall-E says his name at the end of the trailer is the funniest thing she’s ever heard. And of course, because we love that laugh, and that smile of pure joy on her face, and because even the trailer is awesome, we go along with the whole thing gladly. :) If this movie turns out to be as good as the trailer is, we’ve got a new fave on our hands at Sprague House. :)



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