A passing thought about fingernails...

Do you have any of those things that you really couldn’t IMAGINE yourself doing until you became a parent?

Clipping fingernails is that for me.

I used to make all my roommates, companions, husband, etc. leave the room if they were going to engage in a clipping session. The sound. The *yeesh* clippings… and the possibility of cutting someone. Oh man. Seriously. Everyone has their thing, and nail clipping is mine. Well, it was.

And then, just like so many other things (spit bath, “cleaning up” dripping ice cream cones, carrying EVERY MANNER of garbage—wet and dry— in pockets and purse, wiping and washing and well, you get the idea…), the day came when nail-clipping just became part of it.  I realized that the other day. Here is one thing that for me was as close to an automatic gag reflex as I could come, and it’s all pushed aside in the process of care + feeding.

I feel like I have had several moments of arrival in the past few weeks. Times when I looked up from what I was doing and glanced around and was like, hey! I’m in a completely different place than I ever imagined. And it’s great here. I could still do without the nail clipping. But I can do it. And that is saying something.

Of course I have photographic proof. But I don’t think that the CK editors are interested in a layout about fingernail clipping, so here it goes on the blog instead. ;) Where real life happens, play by play.

What have you discovered you’re capable of now, that you never thought possible?