Photo-a-Day in May! Come Play!

I am heading to San Francisco tomorrow (Thursday) to visit our friends at Shutterfly. They’re curious to see how our CKUs are run, and I’m teaching (what else?) a digital scrapbooking class. To their marketing/exec team. I am a little nervous about that one.

It also happily coincides with my intention to take a photo every day in the month of May. And my brand new camera arrived today and I’ve been attempting (on the commercials of CSI: Miami) to read through the 420-page user manual. Okay, so that doesn’t work. But I have re-read page 15 a bunch of times, so that has to count for something, right?) So this weekend, keeping my intention is giong to be interesting. I might have to fall back on my iPhone for a couple days of pics.

If you’d like to play along, feel FREE to post your pic on your blog, and/or the special gallery I’ve set up over at JUST for our photo-a-day challenge! All you have to do is log in (or create a user account - it’s free), and then click on Galleries, and head to the Photo-a-Day gallery and post! You’ll get lots of love for your pics and see the great work of others participating. It’ll be awesome fun!

I’ll be back home late Saturday (ah the joy of living on the East coast, right? A 3-day trip for a one-hour class.)

I think I’ll ask Rowen to come play in the photo challenge as well. She set up a “photo shoot” with her friends on the buffet table today. And rocked it, I must say:


 So bust out that cam and come play! :D