Up & Running Registration Begins Tonight!

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to digi-scrap, or how to better use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to tell your story, my month-long beginner class starts registration TONIGHT at 9:00 p.m. EST! We’ll leave the doors open for at least 48 hours, so take your time, mosey on in late tonight, or after breakfast tomorrow, and we’ll save ya a seat. :D Be prepared to change your life! Click here for more information!

Here are some reviews of the Up & Running class if you’re on the fence:

To all blog readers…I am taking the class right now and I have to tell you…$40 is a complete steal! I can’t believe the knowledge I have learned and not to mention the great downloads.
I have been scrapbooking since 1996 and have met many of the “celebs”. Jessica is the ONLY one that has impressed me with her talents and man…I am more impressed as the class continues.
I know this sounds like I am a stalker but really…I can’t say enough kind words.


So worth the class if you are on the fence! jessica is an awesome teacher!!!


Jessica is a totally inspiring teacher and the class is not to be missed…I have been totally blown away with what I have learnt, and the video makes it so easy


This U&R class has been the best experience. I was a complete newbie and have learned so much from Jessica. It has gone above and beyond what I ever expected.


Let me just say it will be the best $40 you spend on scrapbooking this year! I am totally inspired and have learned SO much from this class. I was familiar with PSE, but had never done digiscrapping. I now have six completed pages, and a whole new understanding of PSE. The message board for this class has also been tremendously interesting and filled with resources and help. Jessica’s videos are the best and you can watch them over and over. Run to registration! :-)


But I am in total agreement that taking Jessica’s class is the best money you can spend towards your scrapping future, esp. if you kind of, sort of know your program, but not really. Now, I KNOW my program and what it does and how EFFORTLESS it becomes once it is explained to you, Jessica-style! Seriously, invest in yourself!!!


If you’re on the fence about whether to sign up, take it, take it! Seriously. I had been dinking around on my own trying to piece together knowledge from online tutorials through painful trial and error, and had even spent money on static video courses before, but this class was the ONLY thing that kicked my butt into making real layouts as a digi-scrapper.

Jessica is not only knowledgeable, but an excellent *teacher* (those things don’t always go together). Her tutorials are well paced and clearly outlined (NOT always the case with others, lemme tell ya), and her enthusiasm is infectious. And the class message board, heheh, let’s just say it’s a serious meeting of the minds — people post on there nonstop!

Okay, that’s enough infomercial, I gotta get back to my day job! :P

Up. And. Running. Rocks.


Up and Running is an awesome class. Jessica is a wonderful teacher, and so true that being knowledgable and being a great teacher, don’t often go together especially in teaching tech stuff. The videos are great—can stop and start as needed to work on the lesson. Plus great “field trips”, freebies, discounts, inspiration, and the most helpful classmates on the planet.


I have taken many online PS classes and this is the very best with more than your moneys worth.


 See you tonight! :D