On Risk..

I was perusing  my new Body + Soul magazine, and an article about Risk, and how healthy risk can be. It says that to take a risk is to accept a challenge. Find things that intrigue and excite you, and do them.

They define risk as  “activities with uncertain outcomes”. “Whatever gives you that ‘ping’ feeling where you wonder what’s going to happen next.”

Everyone considers different things to be a risk for them, but it says that “the best learning happens just beyond your comfort zone.” There are lots of emotional benefits to taking risks.

“Research shows that risk-takers … are more likely to feel accepted, responsible, trustworthy, and capable. The sense of satisfaction comes from trying something new and proving yourself up to the task. You get to know, with the understanding that can only come from experience, how competent and capable you really are…”

And this doesn’t mean doing things that are dangerous or stupid, but just something that we’ve never done before, and that we think we would LIKE to try. Something different. How can we know how capable we are, if the limits of our capability aren’t tested?

“Perhaps the most immediate benefit of risk is that it’s simply plain fun. Neuroscientists explain this bliss with biochemistry: New, challenging, and risky activities trigger the release of dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter that’s part of the brain’s reward system. Call it the ultimate antidote to boredom—it’s the best way I know of to wake up and feel fully and ecstatically alive. You believe you have a say in your destiny rather than being dominated by your circumstances. In that way, every chance we take teaches us something about ourselves.”

I must say, that I am not much of a risk-taker. A pretty conservative girl, here. I like four dishes at all the restaurants we go to, I drink pretty much only three kinds of drinks, and I will admit to being stuck in a fairly predictable rut in a lot of ways. Now stability is nothing to sneeze at - but I love that taking chances on things - taking risks that it might be awful or it might turn out to be WONDERFUL, helps us feel alive and get to know ourselves and our capacities a little better. :)

So I am thinking of taking a new risk in May. I’ve seen so many Flickr galleries and personal blogs from those lovely and organized people who started way at the beginning of the year taking a photo every day. Every day. Well, what is one (like me) unorganized and slightly prone to procrastination person supposed to do with a grand intention that I’m only just starting to feel here on April 23? April 23 doesn’t feel like much of a Day To Begin Something, does it…

Challenge = Risk  

So I would like to begin taking a photo a day in May. And see how I do.


Would you like to join me? I would love to see what you take. All the daily stuff. Or if you have another Risk you’d like to take, perhaps you’d like to:

Of course these are just random ones. Did something come into your head that would be a risk for you? I’m actually looking FORWARD to May, now! :D