One for Sunday.

I have been incredibly busy and not very bloggity lately. Mostly because of the aforementioned busi-ness. I’ve been a bit lax with a lot of things as the crunch of just getting things DONE has kind of overwhelmed a lot of other things. I feel the tide turning today, though, in a few ways, and I’m grateful for that. I feel a little like I’ve been swimming like crazy just to stay afloat, and now I can finally touch the shore again and start to walk. :)

I had an experience today, that confirmed for me something that I have wondered, in my depth of heart, a few times in the past few months - did God still remember me? Did He see me way down here? I don’t know if you’ve ever had that experience before, when you’re in pain, or in doubt, or really needing an answer. It’s a small and a lonely feeling, though.

I’ve been struggling to do what I know is right, and feeling sort of adrift in the universe, and sometimes I’ve honestly wondered, why doesn’t the Lord, who notices the sparrows fall, notice me? Why is this happening?

And it often happens, when I stop thrashing around, that I’m able to hear a little better, when I get the whisper in my ear that says, “This is for YOU.” And I just want to put out there, that today I know that God knows my name. And He knows yours.

I hope your Sunday was blessed and restful. And I will blog more often now. Feet in the sand, and not paddling for dear life against the current. :)