On a Random Monday of tiredness

Monday after a busy weekend is always kind of sleepy. I feel like I’m in slow-motion today, like the day just started and it’s already pushing 5 p.m. :P Hopefully I’ll find a few more hours after the kids go to bed, or maybe they’ll wash up in my shower tomorrow morning…


This girl decided that each and every one of the shoes by the front door (who has lived her for 18 months and STILL can’t park cars in the garage? ahem…) should contain a soft and fuzzy creature, so we came down to Care Bears and assorted stuffed toys in all our shoes. :) 


Love this girl. She has an imagination like nobody I’ve ever known. Most of the time she has this storyline going in her head, and some of it comes out loud in speech, and we’re like, where did she GET that?

It was another busy weekend, we’re just beginning Week 3 of 4 in our advanced digi class at JessicaSprague.com, and I think it’s going well. I am learning a lot, and I’m WORKING a lot, and in that ‘unbalanced but only temporarily’ kind of mode right now. When it ends (which will be sad) we’ll be able to slow down a bit, focus on a couple of other things, etc. Teaching online is amazing, and intense, and frankly a ton of work, but so worth it.

This week, we’re taking photos of ourselves in the bathroom mirror. Oh, and making a LAYOUT with it. Yeah. You can imagine the excitement. :P But I LOVE that people are actually doing it. Most of the class participants are women, and it doesn’t seem like we women get into our photos very often. And most of us would say we LIKE it that way, right?

But here’s what I said in one thread that was posted expressing a desire not to take a photo of herself in the mirror (our particular photos are intentionally out of focus, by the way, and I took mine in my bathroom, unshowered, wearing a dead green shirt I had just cleaned the bathroom in):

Imagine if your mama or grandma or great-grandma had stood herself in front of the mirror in her pj’s and taken a picture of her finger on a Saturday morning? No matter WHAT that photo looked like, it would be precious.

And I really believe that. Here’s to snapping a pic of ourselves sometimes, just so people remember it’s US behind the camera. :)


And a totally random other thought:

Do you own a QuicKutz Silhouette or other digital cutting machine that hooks to your computer?

Would you be interested in taking a class that includes using it for a project?

Just askin’.. ;)