Lemon Chicken, Arrival, New Hair, Recent Reads

While I was making Lemon Chicken and fresh broccoli for the side dish (actually during the broccoli part) tonight I managed to slice up my right index finger. So I’m doing this crazy 9-fingered disco on the keyboard, and will not be typing any more parentheses today.


And of course all we had in the house for bandaids? Plastic ones shaped like crayons. Mine’s bright yellow. Having just this week written the shopping list on the back of an envelope in crayon, given at least 3 spit baths, wiped a kid’s nose on his shirt at the park, and currently sporting the yellow crayon bandaid, I think I’ve arrived now. And after an hour at the park this afternoon, I just discovered sand in my bra.

I have mixed feelings about that, but honestly, it doesn’t feel as bad as I thought it would. :P The arrival, not the sand…

New Hair 

BUT to combat the onset of whatever has just set on, I’ve got a new haircut! Yay! Pics to follow. It’s one of those things when you move, you spend the most time looking for a good doctor and a good hairstylist. Two years in, I have officially now found both.  

Oh, and the Lemon Chicken still turned out great. Yum. But hey, with a cup of heavy cream in the sauce, how can you go wrong?

Remember how I mentioned that we’re always running into our friends the Packhams, kind of everywhere? They are our doppelgangers, except they have four kids instead of two, and they’re much cooler than we are. So who do we run into at the park, but Aubrey and the boys (4 boys! Oy!) But awesome. And now we actually planned to meet them at the Loop for dinner tomorrow night, instead of just showing up and running into them like we always do. So our kids buried each other in the sandbox (hence the sand everywhere, did I say everywhere?). Ow. Parentheses. And we got to laugh and chat and it was GREAT. Sometimes working in the office or hanging with the kids can get a bit.. well, dare I say lonely? Perhaps that’s another sign of arrival, I don’t know.

Recent Reads 

I do have a couple of book recommendations - I am a member of GoodReads.com, and a total slacker at keeping it updated, but I read The Book Thief on my sister’s recommendation in January. Awesome. Heartwrenching. A story of a German girl in Nazi Germany, and it’s told in an incredibly interesting way. Giant thumbs up.

Then I stopped off in Quick Readsville for a little John Grisham on the side. And then re-read the Twilight series plus a first read of the third volume, Eclipse. There. I said it. :P

Then, following the recommendations given in this really good guide to the World’s 500 greatest books (check out the BookLists link to the left here for lots of links), Ow. And then moved on to The Aneid. So, SO good. I’m not quite finished with it, but the richness of it is incredible. It references a lot of mythological stories, which are explained a bit in the index, but are also interesting to search on, and it has been a great read.

After this I’ll be moving on to the classic Alice in Wonderland, and the Epic of Gilgamesh. :) Ow.

What have you read lately that you’ve loved and would recommend?

Ok, I’m going to take my poor throbbing *whine* finger off the computer. Good night!