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Celebration, Belly Badge, CKU

So I normally have a little *ahem* celebration when we successfully register and launch a new class.

This time the celebration was a new pair of shoes. I’ve been drooling over shoes from Fluevog for a long time, and finally just DID it.

I got them yesterday.

They came with this shoe bag, probably the coolest thing I’ve gotten in the mail in a long time:


And the shoes? Ahhh. Cute wide toes, the perfect heel height. All in all, perfect. Absolute shoe success.

While I was photographing the bag, Rowen came in and asked me to take a picture of her “Belly Badge” (those of you who remember Care Bears, either the first or the second time around, you’ll get this reference). She pounced on these PJs when we passed them at Target and rarely wears anything else to bed. Of course I don’t get that many photo ops with Rowen willingly facing the camera, so here she is! The belly badge:



My CKU album came back from Shutterfly and it looks really cool! I’m looking forward to all the CKUers getting these in the mail with their own photos and papers in them.  

And speaking of CKU, if there’s anyone in Chicagoland who has some free time next Friday or Saturday (the 14th and 15th of March) and would like to come be a TA for the digital album track, send me an email at jessica at jessicasprague.com! You’ll get a goodie bag, free lunch, the opportunity to help new digital scrapbookers get this stuff for the first time, and my undying gratitude. :D


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