The Black Hole and the Temporary River

Elliott and I have been reading in his new space book (yes, another one. we are weak and soft in the face of utter cuteness at the bookstore) about black holes, and I think the studying might have created one, into which I fell, for what? a week? more? No idea. I DO know that I’ve been working like mad to get ready for our brand-new advanced digital scrapbooking class, Digi: In Deep, which started today with a class of a few hundred students. It’s exciting and scary to be teaching all new material, and of course there is a LOT of work involved.

Right now, though, I’m sitting in the open front door, laptop on my legs, and it’s about 55 degrees outside and raining. The kids are in their rainboots and coats, hoods on, and jumping in the puddles in the gutter. The ‘wanna be clean and dry’ part of me initially resisted this, but then I thought what the heck, right? Live a little, mama!

They have now been out here for 40 solid minutes of concentrated play (a rare thing in itself), and who doesn’t remember floating little blossoms or leaves down the rivers in the gutter, marveling as the water carries it off? And who doesn’t remember stomping so hard in even a tiny puddle that you get a wet splat halfway up your back? Pure delight. And I can watch from the safety of the porch and write about it. Perhaps if they made a grownup version of those giraffe rainboots that Rowen has…

Tired from his play, Elliott is now sitting down right in the wet grass, propped on one elbow, rain falling gently on his hooded head, boots splayed out in front of him, picking the grass as he watches our neighbor walk her dog across the street. And just as I finished typing that, he was up and running again.

This outside-ness is the main reason we moved here. And this ability to be outside on nearly every day of the year has been a huge blessing to us. For some reason, long stretches indoors just make everyone (read: me) kind of crazy. And a little less crazy is what we all need around here.

Sorry for the long delay. I have pics and stories from Grandma’s visit, from Easter, from our class preps, but right now I’m sighing on the porch while I watch Rowen send another leaf down our own private, temporary river.

And a quick snap back to reality as somebody (read: the small one) out of my view behind the car begins to cry. Hehe. Ah life! Be back soon!