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April CK Cover, Digital Organization Class, and Free Rice

I’ve been getting some emails about the cover projects I did for the April issue of Creating Keepsakes.


I actually made the books myself. The book pages are cardstock, covered with VERY simple digital layouts (i.e. one sheet of digital patterned - all the ones here are from Meredith Fenwick - paper, a photo, and a frame - from this Vintage Photo Frames set by Katie Pertiet) , printed the whole things onto photo paper, added some “real” patterned paper in the stripes, some primas, rhinestones, and away we went.

I adhered the photo paper to the cardstock, then punched and bound the album using my trusty Bind-it-All from Zutter. I got mine here.

The wires come in 12-inch lengths, and you can just cut however much you need. So one 12-inch length was enough for all 3 of these books. The machine will punch the holes and squeeze the coils together to finish the book off.

For the covers, I bought a huge sheet of mat board, like they use for framing, at A.C. Moore. It was like $5.00, and was a beautiful brown color, and heavy enough that it works great for covers, and I didn’t have to cover a raw chipboard cover. I got maybe 7 full albums out of one sheet of the mat board.

I love premade chipboard albums. But I have really gotten into making my own albums, too, and they look great finished off like this. :D

New Class Announcement! Digital Organization!

Just so you know, I read your responses to the informal survey I did a few weeks back on What You Wish You Knew How to Do in Photoshop.  And just so you know, I’m paying attention. :)

To prove it, I’ve invited Heidi Vanyo, of digiscrapinfo.com fame to teach a class at JessicaSprague.com on Digital organization using ACDSee Photo Manager. Firstly, Heidi really knows her stuff. She’s demonstrated her committment to the digital community with all her tutorials and support over at digiscrapinfo.com, and she’s been experimenting with the best way to deliver that information in a comprehensive, start-from-the-beginning format.

Starting on March 31, she’ll be offering a two-week, instructor-led, online course called Getting Organized with ACDSee Photo Manager. The best part? Not only does it include printable instructions and videos to get you installed and running, but Heidi will be teaching two LIVE classes via webcast, so you can get your questions answered on the spot. Awesome!

The class sizes will be small, only 20 participants each, but she’ll be offering three tracks in this beta class (for a total of 60 participants), and then there’ll be more sessions offered in the very near future. :) (Okay, so if you don’t get in to this one, don’t sweat it! :P And don’t crash my web site! ;)).

If you’ve been wondering about the best way to get started organzing, here it is. ACDSee Photo Manager completely changed the way I approach digital and hybrid scrapbooking, and I’m super excited to have Heidi’s expertise as an instructor!

Registration for this two-week class is an introductory price of $20.00, and begins at 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 27. Class begins on March 31, with live sessions at your choice of three times April 7 and April 14. You will need to make sure you’re available for BOTH live sessions in the track you choose, but if you miss one, the recorded session will be available to you.

Click here for more information on our newest class, Getting Organized with ACDSee Photo Manager

How Many Grains have you Dontated Today? 

And you know I can’t end this post without some stumbles. :D

My latest little time-waster time well spent is this awesome site called FreeRice.com. So, you take a little vocabulary quiz. I love vocabulary. :D Love big words. Love challenging myself to see what level I can get to. AND for every question you get right, FreeRice.com will donate 20 grains of rice to the World Food Program. Even the Urban Legends Reference confirms that this is true. So, how many grains did you donate today? And don’t you feel smarter, too? :D

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