CKU Recap


I’ve been getting emails wondering where I went. LOL.

CKU is always one of those exhilarating experiences that is incredible and exhausting, and it usually takes me a day or two to recover (and to feel like sitting down at my computer again).

It was awesome.


The CKU format is brand new this year, and it was really popular!

We start out on Wednesday with a Meet and Mingle, in which we can have the chance to talk to people outside of a class. It was so COOL to give everyone a preview of what their album would look like, and to answer questions and learn more about the students coming to CKU. It was a relaxed and casual atmosphere, and lots of fun!

Thursday was a full day of “Inspiration Stations” - but the cool part about this is that all the students were divided into “Home Rooms” where you find a chair and get to sit for the whole day - no shlepping stuff from class to class and juggling tickets and whatnot. ALL of the teachers rotated around to each homeroom and taught a workshop that was also a 6x6 inch spread designed to fit in an album you received at registration. Awesome! Since I was doing 2 album tracks, I (thankfully) got to rest on Thursday, which was awesome because I was still feeling really sick. Thankfully I’m finally starting to feel better now.

Friday was either a full day of classes or the Friday album track. My Friday class had 25 amazing women in it. The intrepid, adventurous, gorgeous women, who look at a class description and dive in with great faith. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we joked. We pushed pixels. We admired one another’s photos, and told the stories of our lives in pictures and Photoshop and words, and it was the best

Saturday - switches up from Friday - either your full day of classes or your album track. My Saturday class had 20 equally amazing women in it.  Also intrepid. Also adventurous. Also gorgeous (since everyone looks better by the glow of an LCD screen, right?). More laughing. More crying. More singing. Lots of coffee (and, ahem, Diet. Mt. Dew - thanks Wendy).

Each night of the event there was a gathering and then a crop. Lots of goodies. PILES of goodies. And always, the celebration of memories. The celebration of life and the small things that bring us joy. I love CKU.

Oh, and let’s not forget about LUNCH. What a cool addition - everyone had a box lunch waiting outside their classroom for them, so no waiting in lines for overpriced food - you just got to sit and enjoy a little break (although most of my digi students just crammed the food and headed back to their computers LOL). Lunch is one of the great new additions that made CKU go so smoothly this time.  

The Beautiful Evidence Album Track 

This is the first time that scrapbookers have brought laptops to CKU to take an all-day hands-on workshop in which we’d create an album in a single day.  And for being the FIRST TIME, it went really well. I can do all the planning and imagining in my head that I can, but there are a few things that you simply can’t know until you test them out with real people.

So a huge thank you to my beta testers.  We had fewer computer issues than I thought we’d have (almost none, in fact! although several people will be asking the Easter Bunny for more RAM). We had more handout issues than I thought we’d have (missing page 4? why is everyone missing page 4? But we made a joke out of it, and everyone will get an email with the mysteries of the universe contained on page 4). Because it was an all-day format, there was less stress than I thought we’d have, and JUST AS MUCH FUN as I thought we’d have. So at least a few things were right. :D

Of course the TA’s, as always, made this class both possible and successful. Having them to help answer questions through the day, and to get people unstuck from the stickiness that sometimes happens when you’re using Photoshop, was invaluable.

So thank you to Wendy McKeehan, Molly Schneider, Mary “Scrapmuch”, Janet Ohlson, Kelly Purkey, Steph Vetne, and Marcia Bettich. You guys rocked the house.

Thank you to Ali and Margie and Tim and the CK team for supporting the “Hotness down the Hall” (yeah, so we made up a nickname for ourselves.. and it fits!).

We’ve got people posting their albums, and they are GORGEOUS. 

And here are some photos of the class, taken by Molly:


The Kickoff - Thursday night’s opening party + crop :D 


Ali gave the keynote address, and she ROCKED it. So inspiring. 


Action shot!  


Love these images - busy hands making beautiful things! 



Electricity. A necessity. :D 



The first official shot of my new hair + glasses. :D 



Kelly helping out! 


Marcia troubleshooting. 


Wendy and Steph 




Ms. Wendy in the glow of her LCD screen. :D













Another action shot! I’m either explaining the Layers palette or how to climb a ladder… 


Totally not posed. Seriously. 


Me and Ms. Molly - rockin the Mac and answering all kinds of questions. Love ya! 


Many Starbucks runs were made throughout the 2 days. 


Marcia had a great time! And she has rockin’ glasses! :D 




And there it is. Any photos I’ve got are bummed from other people since I (*gasp*) didn’t bring my camera.

It was GREAT, great fun.