Check and double check.

Leaving for CKU Chicago tomorrow. :D 

New haircut? Check.*

New glasses? Check.*

(Pics of both of these to come, I promise!) 

New Fluevogs? Check.  

Raw red Kleenex nose? Check.

Slightly wonky left eye that is mysteriously very puffy underneath, presumably from the same thing that’s causing the Kleenex nose? Check and double check. (Has this ever happened to you? What the heck?)

And that’s why no pics of the new hair and glasses yet. :P 

So as I pack my iPhone with a few TV shows, charge my laptop, double-check that I’ve got the power cord and the handouts and CDs, and make sure to pack underwear, I just wanted to stop in and say thanks for all the well wishes! You know your great vibes keep me going over here.

And thank you also for your comments on the Photoshop Friday! We had a great response in the Up & Running class as well, and this wasn’t necessarily an easy tutorial, so everyone who tried it, you’re awesome! More like that to come, ok? :D

Alrighty, and here’s one last sweet pic from our little set a couple weeks ago, edited with Nichole Van’s genius texture actions:


This child came home tonight from the bookstore with what HAS to be his 47th space-related book. He won’t even look at anything else. Unless he has already looked at a space book, and then I can sneak in some other stories. So tonight, with this small one sitting in my cross-legged lap on the floor, we reviewed Eagle Nebula, spiral galaxies, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and Red Giant stars in his The Way the Universe Works (book number 20-something of the collection, and well loved). And then we read One, Two, Three, by Sandra Boynton. Sort of an intellectual step down, but hey, the kid’s got to stay well rounded, right? :P And of course we finished off the bedtime routine with two or three choruses of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, which he must hear at least twice or the universe flies apart.

Alrighty, bed?