Coming up for Air

Every now and then in a big week o’ work I have to come up for air, right?

So today’s the day. It has been a super busy week around here, getting people registered for Up & Running, and the finishing touches to my digital album class for CKU (which is in Chicago on March 13-15). I am nervous. I also remember last year, posting here the night before my first digital class, about how nervous I was.

I quoted John Mayer (who I’ll be a fan of forever for his song Heart of Life), “Fear is a friend who’s misunderstood.” I still think that, a year later. Of course 90 minutes with Photoshop has stretched into an all-day event sponsored by Shutterfly, but that’s just details, right? :P

Words of the Month 

I’m also getting ready to pick my word for March. February, which I never posted, was this:


And it was a reminder that all things have their times and seasons, and that gentleness to myself and to the people around me was what I needed then.

So I took a couple photos of things that remind me of this word - this brand-new extra-delicous bubble bath from Bath & Body Works. Oh my goodness, it is pure relaxation in a bottle (and I’ve used it 2x this week already.. ;):


And my amazing old-school Strawberry Shortcake quilt. My mom made this for me for Christmas when I was 7. More comfort than gentle, but Jared loves it so much he calls it The Napping Tool. And it is.


It was a good word for February. Did you have a February word? Do you have a March word picked out?


Jared won the funny of the day, which I haven’t done in a long time. It’s interesting how my perspective has been changing in the past few weeks - I find things funny again. :)

For each of our online classes, Jared has to manually post each daily email so the students can go back and reference them. Well you know what manual, repeated action means to a programmer.. an opportunity to write a program! (This is due to the inherent combination of laziness and brilliance that all programmers seem to have. (although here’s an interesting and humorous article about why programmers should be lazy and dumb).

So he’s been working on a program to automate the email posting process AND learning Python while he’s doing it. So I said (kinda quoting the whole lazy article thing I’ve seen before), “Hooray for the laziness of programmers!”

And he said (with just the slightest touch of indignance, “Let’s just call it efficiency.”

A few more funnies from Elliott:

Eating cinnamon toast the other day: “It’s snowing out of my bread!”

Eating hashbrowns at Ihop two nights ago: “More hospitals please!”

During the big rainstorm this week (as he finally settled down from waking up crying): “I scared of the funder.”

And one from Rowen:

This morning she was watching Saturday cartoons, eating some dry cereal while I was up in the office working. She just came up, plucked off a piece of cereal that had stuck to her pajamas, and said, “Here mama! I brought you a snack!” For real. Ha!

And a pic. Man those boots are the best things ever.


 Sorry about the long delay between posts this week. Sometimes, like a crashing wave, my schedule gets the best of me. :)