Digital Roundup: It's all about me this week.. :P

I wanted to point out, for those of you who aren’t subscribers to Creating Keepsakes (or who are subscribers and missed it!) a couple of cool things from the past couple months.

I’ve got video tutorials at each month, with an accompanying article in the magazine. Here are the links to the tutorials:

January 2008: Create a double-frame effect on a single photo. Free frame download from Katie Pertiet at DesignerDigitals.

February 2008: Create shaped journaling. Free half-circle journaling templates.

March 2008:  Not up yet. :D But it’s a good one! ;) To keep tabs on it, just head over to and click on Magazine.


Also: the sneak peek for Computer Tricks 2 is up! There is an entire bonus section in the back of the book that deals with making quick hybrid albums, and you can download one of the albums right now:


Click here to read more about and download A Year in our Ordinary Life album templates.


And as one last and final bonus for reading ALL the way to the end of this entry, here is a teeny little link to a free kit that I created as part of the bonus for the Computer Tricks 2 issue. Click here to download the Home Away from Home kit. Now aren’t you glad you kept reading? ;)

You can also go here to catch up on the full sneak peek and read more goofy stuff about and by me that I totally didn’t plan but I’m sharing anyway. :P 

I’m heading out tomorrow to the CHA tradeshow, and will report back. :)  

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