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Digital Roundup: It's all about me this week.. :P

I wanted to point out, for those of you who aren’t subscribers to Creating Keepsakes (or who are subscribers and missed it!) a couple of cool things from the past couple months.

I’ve got video tutorials at CreatingKeepsakes.com each month, with an accompanying article in the magazine. Here are the links to the tutorials:

January 2008: Create a double-frame effect on a single photo. Free frame download from Katie Pertiet at DesignerDigitals.

February 2008: Create shaped journaling. Free half-circle journaling templates.

March 2008:  Not up yet. :D But it’s a good one! ;) To keep tabs on it, just head over to CreatingKeepsakes.com and click on Magazine.


Also: the sneak peek for Computer Tricks 2 is up! There is an entire bonus section in the back of the book that deals with making quick hybrid albums, and you can download one of the albums right now:


Click here to read more about and download A Year in our Ordinary Life album templates.


And as one last and final bonus for reading ALL the way to the end of this entry, here is a teeny little link to a free kit that I created as part of the bonus for the Computer Tricks 2 issue. Click here to download the Home Away from Home kit. Now aren’t you glad you kept reading? ;)

You can also go here to catch up on the full sneak peek and read more goofy stuff about and by me that I totally didn’t plan but I’m sharing anyway. :P 

I’m heading out tomorrow to the CHA tradeshow, and will report back. :)  

Happy Saturday!

New roads, and new class dates.