Thank you. For all your emails and comments and wonderful thoughts and encouragement. Going to the Dr. on Thursday. I appreciate all your stories and advice and well wishes, and you can’t know how very much it means to me. Truly.

A couple of random side notes:

Need to make a PDF? 

I had my butt saved by a web site today. I needed to make pdfs, and after a quick Google search, I linked up to this web site that lets you upload docs and it emails the completed pdf file to you. Rockin. It’s called Doc 2 PDF Online. Have I mentioned how much I love the internet?

Want to visit a web site dedicated to female photographers (that’s you, right?) 

Stumbled on a very cool and brand-new web site, “committed to honoring and celebrating the beauty that women behind cameras can capture”. Click on over to Shutter Sisters and check it out. It’s got challenges, contests, a Flickr group, and of course, plenty of great shots.

Want a really cool printable weekly planner?

I’ve used this planner for 2 weeks now and it is awesome. He explains his philosophy, and then at the VERY bottom of the post is a link to a pdf file you can print. Make sure you print it onto pretty, smooth cardstock. That’s part of the experience. :) I love that:

  • It’s an entire week at a glance
  • It has sections both for time planning AND for priorities/tasks
  • There are little bubbles to fill in when tasks are longer than a “get it done and check it off” but you need the satisfaction of looking at progress made
  • It incorporates the “Roles and Goals” philosophy from the Stephen Covey 7 Habits book.
  • It fits onto a single page
  • I didn’t have to make it
 And there you have it. A little cupful of useful goodness from across the internets. :)