Quick Trip, and Easter Decor

Happy February! Holy heck! I can’t believe the first month of 2008 is gone already.  

I got back a couple of hours ago from a SUPER quick trip (i.e. just about 24 hours) to Las Vegas for some meetings and stuff at Memory Trends. Okay, by “stuff” I mean a party. A really COOL party. :D

Shutterfly hosted a party at the Noir Bar in the Luxor hotel, to announce the partnership between Shutterfly and Creating Keepsakes. I’ve already posted the details of the album I designed (together with the fab Ali E.), and by the end of the weekend you’ll be able to see my completed album in the gallery at shutterfly.com. I got to take a look at a 12x12 printed book created by Amanda Probst, which you can see in the gallery here, and the book turned out so BEAUTIFULLY. I stood there in the middle of this darkened nightclub, music pounding, people laughing, and cried as I looked through this book. Maybe it was the lack of sleep and the long day, and maybe it was me simply being my sort of always-emotional self (okay, that’s part of it for sure), and maybe it was that I am always moved by simple, honest stories. But mostly it was getting this look into someone’s LIFE. Seeing that they had recorded their memories, this little window into themselves and their family, and it was overwhelming. That’s why I do this. I love the idea of being part of helping people tell stories, because stories matter. They matter now, as we teach them to our kids, and they will matter some other day, when someone who wants to remember us reads them.

In additon to posting my own photos in one of the ABC books, I’ll be adding an article (thank you for your suggestions!) that lists all kinds of words starting with each letter, so you can get some inspiration for that. :D

Looking For..

So I’m starting to think about decorating a bit for Easter.

I absolutely LOVE the look of these eggs from the blogger at Craftastica, which she hand-dyed using organic dyes (onionskin, beets, that kind of thing). They’re probably the most beautiful Easter eggs I’ve ever seen. Wondering if I could maybe blow out the innards and dye the shells - what do you think?

I am also on the hunt for a bunny. But I am very picky with my animal-themed decor, and I need some help locating JUST the right thing. They have to have a face that is just so. Here are ones I completely love:

Any other ideas? I would buy one from Astulabee in a heartbeat. :D

What other Easter or spring-related decor do you have in your house?