Under the weather, but finding happy things. :)

Everyone’s feeling under the weather here today. Bleh. We all slept badly last night, and Jared and I keep going, “Does your throat hurt? Mine too. Does your whole body kind of ache? Mine too. Do you feel sluggish and sleepy? *yawn* me too.” And the kids are just a little more subdued than usual. Which brings the noise level coming from the bathtub right now, down to roughly your friendly neighborhood jet engine.



*rub neck where throat hurts*

*scrounge in the kitchen for some mint herb tea*

*try to go a few minutes without whining* 

I did make “dinner” though, which needs to be left in quotation marks. Spaghetti. Can of chili. Throw in some frozen corn. Top with shredded cheese. Everyone likes it. Everyone eats it, it’s warm and it tastes good. And there are at least two food groups I can count, right? And the only hard part was sweeping up the spaghetti pieces from under Elliott’s chair. Anyone have any spaghetti sweeping tips? :P

On a more cheerful note, here are some happy things. Yes. Thinking of happy things is good therapy.

Happy Things 


1. I spotted this excellent 60 minutes Yahoo segment today, all about “the secret to happiness”. Look at the clips under “Happiness 101”, which feature Tal Ben-Shahar, a Harvard psychology lecturer. Here are the spoilers:
    • The “scientific” definition of happiness is, “the experience of both meaning and pleasure”. Love this.
    • When asked why American women are reportedly so much less happy than their European counterparts, Mr. Ben-Shahar says that American women try to fit too many good things in, and it leaves us distracted and exhausted. Hmmm…
    • And when Morley Safer asks him to list “5 keys to happiness”, he gives an extraordinary list that includes these things:
      • Simplify.
      • Exercise.
      • Give yourself permission to be human (this includes being sad sometimes).
      • Appreciate, with both of its definitions - appreciate meaning to have gratitude, and appreciate meaning to grow or increase.
    • Lastly, he says that he actively keeps a daily gratitude journal, both his own and one with his wife and child. Awesome.
2. Stacy pointed out these crazy socks from Little Miss Matched on her blog a bit ago. They are brightly colored and mismatched and come in a set of 3. Yeah, 3. And I went over there and looked and was like, huh. Those socks are too crazy for me. Then I SAW Stacy at CHA, and she took off her shoes and SHOWED me her socks, and they were so SUPER cute I could hardly stand it. Now that might be the Stacy Julian effect there. Her general cheerfulness is quite infectious. And it also might be that she just rocks crazy socks. Or you just have to see them in person. But today, I’m feeling the need to own some of these socks. And also to take some (real pseudoephedrine-laced) Sudafed. And these both might be from the same reason. Only time will tell.


3. I stumbled on a truly incredible web gallery today. A master of origami, Eric Joisel has folded these amazing characters from The Lord of the Rings (of course I had to love these, right?). Each one of his creations is folded from a single sheet of paper.  It’s mindblowing. And if you want to try your hand at it, he offers directions for how to fold a baby hedgehog.

4.  For those of you considering jumping in to another lens for your digital SLR camera, definitely consider a 50mm or 85 mm prime lens. You can get a fabulous 50 mm f/1.8 for either Nikons or Canons for around $100.00. Seriously. And it’ll change the way you take pictures forever, especially indoors. Here’s an article I found that relates a few more good reasons to make a prime your next lens. I keep my Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8 on my camera almost all the time. If you shoot more outside, consider the longer 85 mm as well (or instead).

5. I downloaded a couple more episodes of Lost to watch on the laptop in bed tonight. Hopefully that’s in about 30 minutes…

How about you? What’s making you happy right now?