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Happy Saturday!

Whew! Sometimes a week goes by and I have no idea what I was doing.

Aside from traveling to Anaheim for CHA, of course.

And then getting home and needing a couple of days in recovery/housecleaning mode (thanks Wendy for the subliminal message about vacuuming…)

  1. Totally drooling over this.  HD upconversion? HDMI cable? On-screen menus AND a remote? Check. Can’t wait til this thing comes out! We’ve been buying episodes of Little Einsteins and Caillou on iTunes and kind of hacking a system up to watch them on our TV, but this will be so sweet. Ahhh.
  2. 1.5 weeks in, and feeling great. I feel like I’m waking up from a long sleep of some kind. I actually don’t remember very much about November, December, and January. But February is rocking so far. :D
  3. This is a photo my mom took of their house the other day:



They really do live in a 1-story home and not some kind of underground lair. :P Tha drift right there is almost entirely created by my dad, who tells me he’s heartily sick of snowblowing (he does the three homes on their side of the block, and two on the other side of the street as well - older folks and a single mom). I try not to mention very often that it’s averaging 70 degrees and sunny here every day… And to think.. I left Idaho?


 4. Emails. Answers coming if you’re waiting. Seriously. I mean it. For real.

5. CHA was awesome. It was great to meet new people, walk around and get inspired by great new product (Technique Tuesday! Prima! Doodlebug! Cosmo Cricket! Yum!), and we had a great response to the Shutterfly partnership as well!

6. I assume if you come here often you’ve seen the photo book thing with Shutterfly. I wanted to point out two cool tools (which you can now find at the bottom of this article on the Shutterfly site) I created to help you plan and create your ABC album.

  • When I was creating my album for Elliott, I got out a sheet of paper and listed the alphabet, and used it as a checklist. To save you the trouble, here’s a handy ABC checklist PDF document already made for you! You can print it out and take it with you so you remember which photos you need to get still
  • I also compiled a PDF file that lists hundreds of words that start with the various letters of the alphabet, to get those creative juices flowing and maybe give you some ideas for weird ones like V and Z and Q. Although sometimes you’ll have to just settle for eXtraordinary…
I hope you’re having a great Saturday!


Under the weather, but finding happy things. :)

Digital Roundup: It's all about me this week.. :P