Merry + Bright

We had our first Christmas home with just our family this year. The living room is a slum of opened presents, and there’s only a stray bow under the tree, where last night the packages (ahem.. both neatly wrapped and still in the shipping boxes in which they arrived) were stacked.

True to our tradition, Jared and I stayed up late last night (shield your eyes, kids!), eating the Santa Claus cookies building a surprise for the morning. This year it was a play kitchen for Elliott, our resident chef. I was able to surprise Jared with a few items as well, which is no small feat. He was sufficiently impressed by my finds of BOTH “Geek Beer” (highly caffeinated root beer) and a Browncoat T-shirt (from the movie Firefly, and also the name of our Warcraft guild), that I could have stopped there. ;)

Gifts from the grandparents included handmade pj’s and awesome robot dolls, and my sister Julie made each kid their own blanket (Rowen: Wall-e; Elliott: Space). And Rowen made Jared a sweet canvas with a marker drawing of our family, and the words, I Love You Dad. Enough to melt your heart.

We then stuffed ourselves with biscuits and bacon and eggs, put together Rowen’s marble run, and mama crashed out on the couch while the old-school Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer played in the background. And since it’s 60 degrees and sunny out, we’ll go for a walk when the kids wake up from their naps. All is, indeed, bright.

This year was really the first year that the kids have gotten what’s going on enough to be excited about Christmas as a holiday. And enough to be able to understand when we explain what the real reason is that we celebrate.

I hope that your family is healthy and happy, and that your holiday is full of laughter, togetherness, and joy. Merry Christmas!


Jessica Sprague11 Comments