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Conversation over Scrambled Eggs

Picture two small kids, in pj’s, sitting on barstools at the kitchen island. Legs dangling. Toast and scrambled eggs on Curious George plates.

Rowen: Let’s pretend that we are robots flying in space. Mama and me can be Eves. And Ele, you can be an astronaut.

Elliott: I don’t want to be an astronaut. I want to be a planet.

Rowen: You can’t be a planet. You aren’t round, and planets are round.

Elliott: My head is round. My head can be a planet.

Rowen: Your head can’t pretend. It has to be your whole body. You have to be an astronaut. And astronauts visit planets, and that’s better.

Elliott: (wailing) But I don’t want to be an astronaut! I want to be a planet!

Mama: Hey guys, Elliott can be a planet if he wants to.

Merry + Bright

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