Photo-a-Day Free Class Winner! Week 2!

I think we are finally getting over the sickness here. Yes! Elliott started crying on Friday night that his ear hurt, so Jared took him to urgent care on Saturday morning and got him some medicine for his ear infection. He’s feeling a lot better now, and it feels like everything is getting back to whatever passes for normal around here. The only trouble is that it’s December 15! Ack!

Where the HECK did the first two weeks of this month go? Every time I think about it I get this little pit in my stomach. Just need to take a deeeeep breath, right?

Are you all ready? Or are you kinda freaking out and/or behind on plans and preps for holidays? It’s not like the date changes, but it seems to sneak up on me every year.

Well, on to the good stuff: announcing our Free Class Winner for this week!

We have 1043 images in the Photo-a-Day gallery right now! Amazing! And they are lovely. Shots of families and decor and food, and everyday life, and it’s wonderful.

So, generating a random number from the random integer generator at (a number between 643 and 1043), I get:


Which leads me to this lovely photo from JeanneD!


Congratulations, Ms. Jeanne! Shoot me an email! :D

Keep those photos coming. It is such a pleasure to go through the gallery, and of course there are a couple more chances to win. ;)