Apparently, Money Grows on Parents

Yesterday we ventured out for the first time in several days - we have been laying WAY low for almost a week, trying to recover, and I seem to have misplaced about 5 days in there. If anyone has seen them, please return them to me… they were the days when I was super productive and got totally ready for the holidays? Yeah, those days.

But back to the story. We went to get the car cleaned, and feeling as woozy as I still did (do), I didn’t feel much like busting out the industrial vacuum to clean the floors of the car . Who KNOWS how that could’ve ended. So we had an excuse to have a quick detail done, and the kids and I went to sit inside the waiting area.

I dug out some change and bought them each a bottle of juice from the vending machine (nice mama, huh?), and we went to sit down at the table to drink our drinks. They were feeling pretty big. Rowen said, in that tone of just discovering one of the mysteries of the universe, “So, we traded our money to the machine and got what we wanted!”

I said, Yes, that is what it means to buy things. We trade our money for the things we want. And then I said, Where do we get the money from?

She said, “From the parents!”

Why didn’t I think of that?

She knows that coins and bills are money, and that you can spend them, and that we give them our change to put in their coin banks (we bought these awesome LearningCents Banks for each kid, and we’re working on explaining the concepts of saving and giving, although Rowen insists on putting all her coins in the Spend side still), BUT still no idea that money doesn’t grow on parents.

So I said, “Where does daddy go every day?”

“To his Red Hat Work”

“And he trades his time for money, to make money for our family.”

<pause while she digests this part>

Then I said, “Where does mama work?”

“On your computer.”

“That’s right, and did you know that when mama works on her computer, she makes money, too?”

<pausing for more digestion>

“How do you make money through the COMPUTER?”

Dang. This money thing is complicated. How do we explain that we never actually SEE most of our money, but we just see it on the computer as numbers? Crazy. What a system we live in.

But I love it when I get to be part of the process my kids are going through in learning about the world and how it works. It was one of those priceless, everyday moments that you gather up sometimes unexpectedly, and I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. It was SO worth a $20.00 car detail and a couple of bucks for juice.

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