Tidings - Eye Candy, Prizes, Holiday Goodness

Wow, I am still sick. I spent all free time today sleeping, and I’m totally heading for bed early again. Can you seriously believe that it is the 9th of December? I wrote a check yesterday and dated it the 6th. Apparently I am missing a few days in there somewhere. Sadly, they were probably the most productive days of my life…

We put up the tree last night, and Rowen and Elliott both helped put ornaments on. Mostly Rowen. Mostly, Elliott sat in the tree box and pretended he was rowing a boat. But then we made some egg nog milkshakes, turned out the lights, and sat by the tree to drink them. It was awesome. What is it about Christmas lights that is so peaceful? It is magic.

And then I went to bed at like 9:30. :\

I am hoping to get past this whatever-this-is in the next day or so, so we can get back to good times and some actual work done (since the main working time around here is from 8:30 p.m - 1:30 a.m. or so). Part of me says meh. Which is why I am taking that part to bed in hopes it’s more cheerful and motivated tomorrow.

Thank you for your music suggestions! Keep them coming, ok? I have been in a collecting mood. :) I bought a few songs from the Hotel Cafe record, which is SO good.

Also, I have two holiday related items of good cheer, that you really ought to see. One of them involves eye candy and prizes. And the other one involves making your OWN interactive eye candy. Ready?

Pen Scrappers Fall/Winter Layout Contest

The Pen Scrappers Web site, sponsored by Wacom, is updated for Fall/Winter! They invited each of us to create layouts with our pen tablets based around a fall or winter theme. There is some great work up there! Here’s a glimpse of the two pages I completed See the full sized ones here):


PLUS, there’s another great contest. You can win a Bamboo Fun (which is seriously fun), and one person will be invited to be a Pen Scrapper for the next season! :D

Check out the contest rules, make a Fall or Winter page, and throw that hat in the ring! There are some really GORGEOUS pages up already, but there’s always room for more. :D

Make a Christmas Countdown Garland with Candice Stringham

We aren’t adding many new products or classes at JessicaSprague.com before January 1, but this is one not to miss! We all know that Candice is an incredible photographer. But did you know she’s completely amazing at creating home decor?

For her first Make It Today project, Candice has created complete instructions for a beautiful Christmas Countdown tag garland. It comes with 16 tags, from which you’ll choose 12. There are tag patterns if you’d like to print them, or you can use shipping tags. She’s included detailed photos and instructions for each of the tags, including four all-digital tags, and a complete supply list for the hybrid tags.


Each tag has a family-oriented activity that goes along with it, making this a beautiful, interactive part of your holiday, that you can use again and again.

The best part? She’s arranged with Two Peas in a Bucket to provide you with a 10% discount to all the supplies you’ll need to create this project (you’ll receive the code when you access the class materials). Of course, you can always substitute with items from your stash! :)

The Christmas Countdown officially begins this Saturday, so if you’re looking for a wonderful way to celebrate the season with your family, you’ll LOVE this project. AND the complete instructions, downloads, and Two Peas coupon code are on sale right now for $5.59. Seriously. Candice is nuts. But she really wanted to spread some holiday cheer this year, AND introduce you to what is sure to be a wonderful series of Make it Today projects coming your way in 2009!

Click here for more information.