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December 2008 Photo-A-Day + PRIZES! :D

A group on the JessicaSprague.com message board organized a photo-a-day challenge for December, and I thought that was a great idea! So let’s make it official! :D

I’ve created a Photo-a-Day in December gallery at JessicaSprague.com. You can post your daily pics OR daily layouts that you take in December (the equivalent of one per day - so you can upload Monday’s and Tuesday’s on Wednesday, etc).

And just to up the fun factor, every Sunday in December I’ll randomly choose a photo posted from that week, and the winner gets their choice of a FREE class! :D That’s right! Your choice of any of my digital classes, OR any of my newly announced classes, including photo editing or the Scrapbook Alchemy class. And you get up to 7 chances to win every week in December! YAY!

So grab that camera, set up some photo ops (*wink*), post them in the special gallery at JessicaSprague.com, and we’ll make some December memories together. :)

NOTE: If you’re doing a digital page per day, just post it in the same gallery.



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