Plex's Birthday, and Announcements!

You know, the week actually wasn’t that bad. After Wednesday night, that is. ;)

On Thursday’s episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, it was Muno’s birthday. So of course for Rowen, this translated into it being Plex’s birthday the very next day.

We had a party for him, complete with a hat and mini-cupcakes.

We leaned him up against the juice jug with his own cake, and Rowen showed him how to unwrap and eat it. :) We even sang to him. It was the best. :D

The rest of the weekend was pretty laid-back, which is awesome for a weekend, right? :)

Announcements Next Monday, November 24!

We are making several HUGE announcements relating to next Monday! I am so excited! If you’re in the Stories in Hand class, you’ll be getting a sneak peek at the announcements, but I’ll be posting them here and on the home page at as well. Here are some glimpses of things to come:

  • Announcement of first-quarter 2009 class schedule!
  • Announcement of several BRAND NEW classes!
  • A very special VIDEO announcement that you don’t want to miss!
  • New class registration functionality, just in time for gift-giving! That’s how much we love ya.

I’ll be providing more hints and clues (and some giveaways!) as we get closer to the November 24 announcements!

Stay tuned. :D