The Week Continued...

I think I’m just kind of in for it this week. Somehow in the wheel of fate my number came up, and I’ve been assigned. It helps me to think of it like that. On the opposite side of the wheel, though, some other lady somewhere is having an awesome week.

I went out to take Rowen to school yesterday morning (Jared was still gone on his Smashing Pumpkins mini-roadrip), and of course the car wouldn’t start. Bleh.

So. We hung out at home. Watched Yo Gabba Gabba on DVD. Had a tickle-fest in the living room. Groveled in the general direction of our grocery store, from which I just found out I can order my food online (! - and this is why we even HAD food to eat yesterday. Because I suck at groceries but being able to order them and then choose whether to go to the store 4 blocks away and have someone put them in my car, or have them delivered to my house is something I TOTALLY get!), and generally laid low. We ordered pizza for dinner.

Jared got home around 6, we all hung out, played, put kids to bed, etc.

Then at 11:30, Jared went to the midnight launch party for the new Warcraft Expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. He wasn’t the only one there. (Is that your husband there in line, too? ;)

He had pre-ordered our copies, so he arrived back home at 12:15 and of course we installed it.

And after downloading a couple of patches, and Jared having to shut the server down to scavenge a DVD drive from it because his mysteriously stopped working (now it’s 2:15 a.m.), we launched it up and entered the new continent together. And? It was AWESOME. Totally worth the wait, and worth staying up for so we could jump off the zep  at the Howling Fjords together. Now that is geeky love right there.

Okay, I have a theory that you are one of three kinds of people who read that paragraph above.

  1. You rolled your eyes because we are nerds of the kind that you only thought existed in sitcoms
  2. You have no idea what Warcraft is, or what most of the above paragraph was even about
  3. You (or your husband/boyfriend/sig. other) was out buying the Expansion too

EDIT: Because of suggestions in the comments, I need to add a 4th!

4. You don’t play WoW, but you totally get the story if you inserted all your own words into it, because you’re a total geek about something. ;) Everyone has their nerdy little secret…

This is the part of the week that was great fun. And it happened at 2:30 on a Thursday morning.

So I shirked from some of my deadlines last night, knowing my sitter was coming today. And Jared took the day off work so he could play some of his new game.

And did you guess it?

She is sick. Called us at 8:30 this morning.

So see the recap of yesterday, a few paragraphs ago? That is going to be today, too. Rinse and repeat. ;) And perhaps yawn a little more. Server’s still down, with its guts spilled on the floor under Jared’s desk, so I think it’s time for a Diet Mt. Dew! :D

Ever had one of those weeks? Or are you the one having the awesome week? :D

The other part of the week that has been AMAZING is the Stories in Hand class! Wow! I hadn’t anticipated such an incredible response to the class, or to the project and the idea, and it is so AWESOME to see! If you’re in the class, I really hope you are loving it!

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