Connecticut, Classes, Hints, and Excitement!

You guys are the best! LOL!

I have really enjoyed your guesses! HEHE!

And I am surprised how close some of you are. It is really cool to see what you’re hoping to see, too. That is another post, because I am sincerely interested in what you want to learn. How we can improve the menu of classes we offer, and fulfill our mission to help bring technology into the life-storytelling and memory keeping process.

As for me, I arrived at JFK yesterday and watched closely as we drove an hour into a totally other state! I grew up in Idaho, you’ll remember, and driving an hour in any direction only ended you up in the middle of someone’s farm or in the middle of the mountains. We DID live about 2 1/2 hours from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but seriously? To be able to take a day trip to like 7 other states is mind-boggling to me. And to live in one state and work in another? Crazy.

I taught a class at Momento in Milford, CT last night, and it was great. It’s SO MUCH FUN to introduce scrapbookers to the power of including some computer tricks into their scrapping process. It was awesome to meet Anne, who is a “Beta Girl” from way back in my very first online class from last year - thanks Anne! :D It’s great to be there with beginners, too - to see the light go on as things start to come together, to make them promise that they will always do their own black-and-white photo conversion from now on, and never let Wal-mart do it for them again, and most importantly, to see the confidence level go up. It is awesome. I love how empowring the experience of learning Photoshop can be.

Today I am teaching an Introduction to Photoshop class at the Creative Photography Retreat here in Stamford, and I’m looking forward to more of the same goodness (on a MUCH larger scale - this class might be HUGE, but it’ll be ok), meeting some scrapbookers, and starting the par-tay that is a CK event. :D I’ll let you know how it goes… Then some photo editing action on Friday and Saturday (EIGHT 90-minute classes over two days! Whew!), and then we’re off to NYC, I can’t wait!


I am REALLY excited for the big announcement tomorrow. I think it’ll be huge!

Ready for another hint?

Let’s see.. we already know:

  • This class is for ALL skill levels - even non-scrappers!
  • But (and this will be veddy veddy interesting) it’s perfect even if you’re a seasoned digital scrapbooker
  • This class is a perfect opportunity, if you haven’t taken a class at, to come check the place out
  • This class includes printable goodness

And now let’s add these keywords (which will totally make sense tomorrow)

  • capture
  • catalog
  • past & present
  • everyone welcome

You can check here, or the web site home page, and I’ll be sending out a little email reminder to my newsletter list as well. WOHOO! :D

p.s. Keep guessing in the post from yesterday - let’s increase the prizes to 7, just to keep it interesting! And just so you know, there were some very close guesses!

Have an awesome day!