Heading Out, Sneakie Peeks, and (what else?) New Shoes!

I’m leaving for my final trip of the year tomorrow morning. Heading to Connecticut and CPR, then for a couple of days in New York city with Candice! Yeah! :D I’ll be back in town next Tuesday - this is a long trip for me and required much forethought in the choosing of shoes.

But this week, I’m feeling so good. 

Sneakie Peek

I feel SO good, in fact, that I wanted to give you a sneakie peek of what’s coming in the Big Announcement on Friday:

That’s all there is for now! Hehe. But at least you know which week to set aside in your schedule, right? And now we can let the debate rage about what exactly all the other stuff is in this picture. Can you guess it? Shall I give a prize to the first 3 people who DO guess it? Yes. I will!

Okay, here are a couple more hints on the brand new class:

  • This class is for ALL skill levels - even non-scrappers!
  • But (and this will be veddy veddy interesting) it’s perfect even if you’re a seasoned digital scrapbooker
  • This class is a perfect opportunity, if you haven’t taken a class at JessicaSprague.com, to come check the place out
  • This class includes printable goodness
Oh, and I am really, really excited! :D

I’ll post the official flyer here and over at JS.com, along with the class description and all the details. I hope you’ll help me spread the word about this cool class. There is NO LIMIT to the registrations for this one, so we can all pile in and have a GREAT TIME as we round out the year of classes at JS.com!

Alrighty, off to pack and burn some CDs and deliberate on shoes.

Oh yeah! Shoes!

I am now, for the record, a 5-time Fluevog owner - if you’re coming to Connecticut youll be the first to see my BRAND NEW shoes I just got in the mail today! (See, I have this thing about shoes…) Ah, swoon.

I will post a pic of my own as soon as I can - Fluevog is going to have a hard time topping the complete and utter perfection that is the Zaza (which, if you read on their web site, was actually part of their Open Source Shoe project - so awesome). Seriously, though. They are comfy enough to stand in all day (just like all the ones in this series), and cool enough to get compliments on them every time I wear them. Oh, and the GREEN! And three buttons! Holy cow, man. Per.Fec.Tion. I truly think I don’t need to buy another pair of shoes as long as I live.

But who am I kidding, right? Seriously.