90% Done. Time to Resurface.

Dang it.

I am going along fine, and then I fall into a work related (ahem.. big secret project) hole for a few days. Sorry about that. The good news? I’m 90% done. I feel like I weigh about 1000 pounds less than I did last week.

In reality, I probably weigh 10 MORE pounds than I did when I started this project, what with all the hours spent chewing nameless and unnoticed calories at my computer while I worked. With the occasional real meal with actual silverware thrown in to remind me what eating is supposed to be like. And the severe deficit of real exercise, aside from tickle wars and chasing kids up the ladder of the playset (which is no small thing, but I’m just sayin’ - it ain’t no 30 minutes on a treadmill).

I just need to say, I am REALLY GLAD to have reached this point. The finishing-up-loose-end-tying point, rather than the oh-crap-the-mountain-is-HOW-high? point. Which is where I was 2 weeks ago.

Also, it’s fall.

It’s roughly the same temperature outside as September was, but there’s something different in the air. A certain goldenness to the light. We’ve been spending more time outside. Lighting the firepit every Friday and inviting everyone who wants to, to come by for a marshmallow or two.

Last Friday, we even tried roasting pineapple chunks over the firepit.


Wouldn’t really recommend.

But it was so awesome to swap stories and let the wood smoke permeate our clothes. Life is just BETTER when there’s a fire going, don’t you think?

For me, blogging is a habit that it’s easy to fall out of. It’s easy to start navel-staring, to open the blog and sit at the empty screen and that little voice in my head that has defeated me too many times starts saying, you don’t have anything to say.

We all have that voice, right? It’s not just “Jessica hearing voices again?” That voice that critiques and criticizes and makes judgment calls on our self-worth. That voice that it is so absolutely necessary to silence if we’re ever to produce anything creative or close to heart.

And you know, I find that when I think less and do more, just DO, in trust of myself and my ability, the voice goes quiet. And that applies to blogging, and to photography, and to scrapbooking, and to every creative pursuit. 

And of course, every now and then, the voice wins. When I’m weakened through tiredness and I was looking for excuses anyway, the voice sounds completely rational, right? You don’t have anything to say anyway

Of course, procrastination is inherent in my nature and something that I have to fight against all the time, so maybe this is the voice of my laziness coming through? :P

How many times have you heard The Little Voice when you are trying to create? What do you do to silence it?


I have been listening to Pandora for awhile now, but they recently implemented specific stations, and I’m currently rockin to the Brazilian station. Happy, mellow, guitar-infused. Awesome. :D And the Portuguese is like its own music on top of the music. Oh, and I just learned they have an app for my iPhone! Yeah!

What do you listen to or watch while you’re scrapping?

And did you have a good weekend? Any fire-roasted pineapple or similar .. ahem.. experiments?