Elliott - sweet and .. sticky..

Elliott - Random Friday Morning, October 24
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I captured this one of Elliott playing outside last Friday morning. Running in the dewy grass, just cold enough to feel a chill, but the sunlight is still warm and bright. He spends so much time picking up rocks, sticks, and leaves, and this was no exception. :)

I used a texture from Michael Smith.

Also: This insanely sweet boy just tested my patience to its depths by spilling pink nail polish on the carpet as he tried to paint his fingernails in Rowen’s room.

I had my back turned, reading a story, as the fingernail polish smell got stronger and stronger - turned around - and he showed me two small, gloopy, sticky fingers (pink from nail to knuckle) and said, “Look! I painted my fingernails!”

AAAAAAHAHAAARAAAGHA. That was the sound the veins in my neck made. And possibly my mouth. Also, there were perhaps flames coming from my eyeballs. I took him in to wash off the polish, not realizing that it was soaking into the carpet in the other room. Elliott gets put in his room for a nap. I begin to consider how much it’ll cost to replace the carpet in Rowen’s room.

But I decide, surely someone else’s kid has spilled nail polish before? Right? Oh yes. A quick Google search (pause while I grovel in the general direction of Google) brought me a possible answer: shaving cream.

Hey, anything that doesn’t cause me to move Rowen’s dresser permanently to the middle of her room to cover the stain, I’ll try.  Shaving cream, a white rag, super-hot water, and some scrubbing. I pulled it up with our Little Green Machine (yes, we own two carpet cleaners, haha), and you know what? The nail polish was gone from the carpet. AH!

So now I picture some lady (or some teenaged girl) totally FREAKING OUT because she spilled nail polish on the carpet and is running through the house, dumping whatever she can find on it to see if it works. I wonder how long it would’ve taken ME to get all the way down to shaving cream as a possible nail-polish-on-the-carpet removing solution?

A long time. A very long time. Probably never.

Luckily for all, there’s no permanent damage done. And Rowen’s room now smells like Jared after a hot shower (heck YES, I used his shaving cream), so it’s all fine. :D

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