Weekend Project Challenge, #1: Letters

Another one of the (many, bazillion) things I’d like to begin doing, is to get reacquainted with my crafty “do it for the heck of it” self. That self has been pushed aside this summer as projects and deadlines have loomed, and now that things are easing up a bit, it’s time for the first installment of Weekend Project Challenge!

This first challenge: Put some letters up in your house. Preferably enough letters that spell a whole word, but whatevs. Keepin’ it simple.

For my letters, I chose big press-board letters - this was the first time I’d seen big letters that weren’t in some crappy font like Comic Sans or Curlz, but a nice classic, graphic serif. I picked them up from A.C. Moore, for a couple bucks each, plus a can of white spray-paint.

Two coats later,  plus some removable adhesive (pause while I grovel in the general direction of 3M) they look SO cool against the white trim of the door that leads from the front room to the kitchen.

Added benefit: If I ever forget my last name, or accidentally end up at the wrong house, I’ll know for sure. Also, you can see the bananas on my kitchen counter, and the sake bottle I bought in NYC a couple weeks ago, which I am planning on using as a vase. For now it just looks like a sake bottle. Awesome.

So the challenge here, should you choose to accept it, is to get some letters (or make them! Die cuts, hand-cut, vinyl, letter stickers, rub-ons), and find a place in your house to get them up and displayed. How about:

  • Using rub-ons to create a cool quote on your bathroom mirror
  • Add letter stickers below or around the corner of a framed artwork on your wall
  • Letter stickers on kids’ bedroom doors. OOOh, mine would love helping with this one
  • Add chipboard letters to a matted photo frame
  • If you’ve got larger letters, do a standalone piece, but use “Love” or “Home” etc. instead of your name

Other ideas?

Post back with pics if you decide to take me up on the first Weekend Project Challenge! :D