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Taxes to a 4 year old

I was joking after lunch the other day as we drove out of a parking lot. We spotted a car with a magnet on the side of it advertising a small business. I said, “We should get a magnet and then we could deduct our car from our taxes.”

Rowen, from the backseat, said, “What does deduct mean?”

And I said, “To take away.”

Silence for a few seconds as she digested this, and then she said, “So taxes must be little creatures that live in your car.”

I think that about sums it up. :) Although mine also live in my office, and my checkbook, and my grocery store receipts, and possibly my hair.

Speaking of which, I FINALLY got a haircut, yeah! It was so super long, it totally spent most of its time pulled back in a headband. Not a good look for me, but whatevs.

I have a Super Good Reason for getting the cut, you see, because on Saturday .. well .. I will show some pics and a sneakie peek this weekend. All part of the announcement that will be made in November.

Also, I need to announce the winners from the guessing game from Stories in Hand a couple weeks ago! I’ll be back later tonight.

Speaking of which, WOW. I’ll start a new post for Q&A as well!

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