Stories in Hand Q&A


First of all, I need to say a big sloppy tearful THANK YOU for spreading the word about this class. It will be by FAR the biggest class we’ve ever had at, and there’s room for all! Registration stays open until November 8, so there’s plenty of time to get with a friend, buy a ream of cardstock, and get set! :D

Here are some questions I’ve been getting. Feel free to add in the comments and I’ll add the answers here.

As soon as you register for the class, you’ll have access to the introduction and the full supply list. Click here for info on the FREE registration for this FREE class! :D

Q: Do I need to be on at a certain time of day?

A: No. I send out an email really earlly (eastern time) in the morning each day of class, and you have unlimited access to the class message board and the course materials. Aside from our two informal chats, there’s no specific time you need to be on.


Q: I have (xyz supply). Will this be ok for the class?

A: If you have supplies that are close to those listed in the supply list, PLEASE feel free to use them! I want you to be happy with your project, but above all, this class is about gathering the stories and having a place to capture them.


Q: You asked for 65 lb. cardstock. What’s this in gsm?

A: It’s 176 gsm. Yay for Google!


Q: You asked for letter-sized cardstock. Can I use A4?

A: Yes!


Q: The binders are sold out! Where can I go?

A: Someone found this great link at to the American Crafts Modern albums, on sale for $6.99. 7Gypsies also makes a 6x6 binder!


Q: Will I need a full ream of cardstock?

A: No. The amount you’ll need is probablly mostly based on how many stories you want to tell. But to do it up right you’ll need at least 50 sheets.


Q: Hey Jess—- what about using the Bind-it-All to make a 6x6 booklet??? Or do we want to be able to open it up and take pages out/ add pages in?

A: I would recommend a binder-style for this one, UNLESS you want to bind just the first part of the project (which is a checklist) with blank printed pages, and store the rest in a different way - the taking pages out and putting in is a big part of this project.


Q: The binders you recommended come with 10 page protectors - will we need more, or will be using these at all?

A: I think 10 will be great for starters. We’ll be using these as pockets to store bits of stories in. :D


Q: I’m kind of lost… album 6x6 and cardstock A4??

A: Yep! We’re making a project. It’s a free class, and you’re welcome to join us. Check out more info right here at :D


Q: Do we have to actually write, or can we type?

A: You can open the images and type on them before printing. All the lines are spaced out to 18 points of leading, cause I’m awesome like that. ;)


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