Home! NYC was Awesome.

Home again!

Wow! New York City was amazing. Completely mind-blowing. So different from anywhere I’ve been in so many ways. Candice is a GREAT tour guide, mixing in equal parts shopping, sightseeing, and eating, three of my favorite things. ;) We spent Sunday and Monday going ALL over the place - Union Square, Herald Square, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, the Anthropologie flagship store (!), H&M, Uniqlo, a phenomenal chocolate shop called Max Brenner, and I took like 250 photos in 2 days. LOL I’ll be posting some of them later today when I get more time to sit down.

I actually have them all edited in Lightroom already. I can’t say enough great things about Lightroom for editing lots of pics in sets.

So it took a few days to recover from this trip, which was almost a week long! Whew! I’m so glad to be back home. My heart starts pulling towards home after being gone for a couple of days, so by day 6 I was definitely ready to come and snuggle on my family.

I came down this morning to find Rowen in her new tutu and her pj shirt, spinning circles in front of the TV. Elliott was in his pj shirt, pullups and his “stomper boots”, playing on the back patio. Apparently pants are optional today. Spread the word!

Rowen is out of preschool today, and it’s raining, so we are heading over to the Hopper’s House (a cute little neighborhood play place with big inflatable bounce toys, a play kitchen, all kinds of toys and games - perfect for too-hot and too-rainy days). And a good chance to hang out with my kids in a place they love.

Okay, don’t forget that registration begins on Monday for Stories in Hand! The class size is unlimited, so you have until right before the class begins (November 8) to register. :) We’ll be putting up links here and on the home page of JessicaSprague.com on Monday at midnight. Thank you so much for helping me get the word out! I am SO excited! :D