Answering some questions about classes

I’m so excited to start classes in a couple weeks! Ack! Just one week til registration begins for Now We’re Rockin’! :D

Here are some questions I’ve gotten:

Q: I’m a beginner, but I want to take all 3 classes. The intermediate class starts before the beginner one, though. What gives?

A: This schedule is a continuation of last year’s schedule. I taught the Up & Running class three times last year, and the Now We’re Rockin’ class just once, so I’m just catching up. Later this year I’ll be offering each class in a sequence. So you can take the beginner class in March, and then take the intermediate class when it rolls around again in June-ish. :D

Q: I’m on a Mac, is that ok?

A: Absolutely. I use a PC for the videos, but there is very little difference between the Mac and PC versions of Photoshop. If you’re running Photoshop Elements 4.0 for the Mac, you’ll be just fine with the Elements videos (and be on the lookout for Elements 6.0 to be released for the Mac sometime early this year, according to Adobe). It’s already out for Windows.

Q: I’m going out of town/on vacation/having surgery and can’t make registration. What can I do?

A: We don’t do early registration, but if you send an email to support (at), when you get back (anytime after registration has started), let Jared know your special circumstance and we’ll work hard to get you in to the class. No worries!

Q: Can I use PSCS3 for the beginner class?

A: Yes! ALL of the classes will have videos for BOTH Photoshop Elements 6.0 and Photoshop CS3. Choose your version (Elements or Full version) when you register. :)

Q: Will the Elements and Full Version tracks of the classes still share a Message board and Gallery?

A: I haven’t decided this one yet. The questions you’ll ask might be different, but there is SO much to be said for the great community that develops in each class. Still thinking here on a good solution.

Q: What if I’ve changed Photoshop versions in between classes? Will I be lost?

A: Definitely take the class for the version of Photoshop you’ll be using most. If you’ve switched to PSCS3 from PSE, you’ll probably want to familiarize yourself with the interface before class begins, but you’ll be just fine in the class itself. :)

Q: How much of the beginner class will cover photo editing, and how much will be digital scrapbooking?

A: The Up & Running class focuses almost exclusively on digital scrapbooking. We cover basics such as black-and-white and sepia conversion, cropping, and sharpening, and that’s it. The Now We’re Rockin and Digi: In Deep classes will cover photo editing in more detail (basic color correction and enhancement, selective re-coloring, basic adjustment layers, healing, and more in-depth sharpening, among some other things). Also, look for a photo editing class on the schedule soon!


If you have more questions, post them here and I’ll update this list. :D 

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