A few other notes.

  • I am working through the backlog of emails I had. If I never responded to you, PLEASE re-send that email ok? December was not a good email month for me. And neither was November, for that matter. I don’t hate you (in fact, I most likely think you’re awesome by default if you’re emailing me. :P), and I’m (hopefully) not a jerk. I just suck at email. Like everything else in my life, I do great for awhile and then fall apart for awhile, and then do great for awhile, and so it goes. Here’s to new resolutions for January! :D
  • I WILL be continuing with Photoshop Friday. I may not get one EVERY week, but I will do my best.
  • Ali has posted her new word of the year on her blog. There are lots of good choices that she’s posted from her readers. I need to think about what I’ll choose (and I might do a word for the month instead - there are just too darned many good ones).
  • After laughing at myself while visiting my parents for going to Target 3+ times a week, I realized that maybe  that’s actually not that funny. Maybe that’s the sign of being totally disorganized and kind of out of control. So I thought I should try my hand at menu planning. A search brought me to the Menu Planning section at OrganizedHome.com, and the whole site is full of good ideas and (cute!) printable planner pages for everything from to-do lists to calendars to shopping lists. Neat!
  • Stumbled on this pretty amazing video made by Dove (the soap people) about “Real Beauty”. Every female on earth who has ever looked at the gorgeous ladies in a magazine with a touch of envy should watch this. Go watch it! One minute, 14 seconds.
  • Smart, funny interactive marketing from Epson. What’s your Epsonality? (I especially love the $199.99 in pennies. Ha!)
  • And some new year’s resolutions. Those will come later this week.

What have you stumbled on lately? What is your word for the year? What are your new year’s resolutions? And how the heck are ya? :D