Solidarity. Right?

We are putting the finishing touches on the interface for the brand new videos for the Now We’re Rockin’ with Photoshop class (ahem. that technically starts today - it’s about 1 a.m.) that’s getting underway. Lovely, lovely Internet Explorer decided to choke on the code that Jared fed to it, and we had to go back, not quite to the drawing board, but back to the, “Okay. We have 3 hours and this only works halfway. What do we do so this looks nice AND actually works without making people use Firefox?”

And just so everyone is clear here… that was actually what I said (Jared was all for making people use Firefox. ;)). I think that everyone should be given the choice how they browse, but it is hard sometimes in the backend of these processes to create hacks and workarounds and go back to the “What do we do now?” stage JUST so all browsers can play happily. If I had my choice, we’d ALL be using Firefox on Windows machines. But it isn’t my choice. It’s yours. :D And ultimately, users should decide what they use, and that’s a fact. :)

So typically when Jared or I have a big project to work on and we’re burning midnight oil (and 2 a.m. oil, and 3 a.m. oil), the other one ends up saying up too, just out of solidarity. My part of this class is finished, at least until tomorrow morning, but here I am, still up.

So of course I shopped online.

Out of solidarity, you know..

I could NOT resist these shoes from Anthropologie. And I almost bought this dress (to wear with a tiny white t-shirt under it), but I just couldn’t, even having events to go to, justify it to myself.

I picked up a couple of shirts from, where the styles are somewhat similar to Anthro’s, but you can spend the same amount and get 6 shirts instead of 1 dress. Hehe. ;)

I looked and looked for a denim skirt like this one, but there’s no size for me. If you have any hints/tips/links, send them my way! Totally in the market for a just-below-knee a-line or flare denim skirt. I also loved this denim skirt, but alas again, there’s no size for me.

Also stopped by the online version of a store I saw when we were in Idaho - some really cute stuff here, especially the dresses!

Stopped by (and only browsed and drooled) the Sundance Store (someone posted a link to this in the comments here a few days ago! Thank you!). The skirts especially are wonderful. Pricey, but wonderful. Not the sort of place (ahem.. like Charlotte Russe) where you go on a big spree and buy a bunch of stuff because hey! Look how cheap that is! So consequently, I bought nothing. :P

I’m terrible at looking at things, thinking, re-thinking, overthinking, and then wandering away when something shiny catches my eye, only to come back to 30 Firefox tabs and getting overwhelmed and closing the whole thing down. This is why I have no clothes. But I did get a few things, and now I just wait to see if they fit. :P

Maybe there’ll be more solidarity tomorrow night…

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