Changes to PSF

A wonderful friend, Kaylea, emailed me last week with a terrific idea, and I hope you’ll agree. :D

Photoshop Friday is awesome. A great tradition. Also, a difficult one to keep up week by week. What I’d like to do is this (pretty much everything Kaylea suggested, hehe):

  • First and third Fridays of every month, I’ll post a brand-new Photoshop tutorial.
  • Second Friday (that’s today!) I’ll do a bit of a roundup of haps across the digital world, and point out a few kits that I think are must-haves, a few sites I think are must-visits, and you can feel free to post in the comments to gather up lots of ideas there. Credit cards at the ready, and go! ;)
  •  Fourth Friday will be (thanks Kaylea!) Flashback Friday, in which I’ll highlight an older tutorial. I love that. The awesome thing about the techniques around here is that they won’t go out of style. :D Or, I’ll post a layout or a hybrid project, etc, and we’ll walk through it. So this one might be a bit of a smorgasboard. Plus, I like typing the word smorgasboard. Smorgasboard.

I don’t want to give up on PSF completely. I think it’s an awesome gathering of information. I am also terribly, incredibly swamped and trying to find some of that elusive balance in my life. But this is important to me. I think it’s a great compromise (smorgasboard ;)).

I’ll also continue sending out weekly emails, which I haven’t done in SEVERAL weeks. If you do not get one TODAY, and you thought you were on The List, please email and we’ll see what’s up. :D

p.s. If you were planning to sign up for any of my classes, I always offer a coupon code to members of The List, so it pays to sign up. :D 

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