Word for January

Sure, it’s the 10th. But there’s plenty of January left. :) I’ve been thinking about Ali’s Word of the Year, and like some of you who posted, I think a year is too long for one word. I need more bite-sized pieces to make that committment real.

So I’m choosing a word of the month.

My January word is:



I like that it’s both a noun and a verb. Mostly I thought of it as the opposite of “distracted”, which is what I have been for a few weeks. Especially since I’ve been home from our trip. Finding it hard to focus. See things through. Wrap up details. And then all the little loose threads bunch together and I start to feel like I’m being strangled. The only way out is to focus on things, one by one. My full attention. That’s what I need to practice right now, and so I’ll pick Focus as my keyword. Focus the verb, to remind me.

The other reason is focus the noun. The ability to focus is great, but the object of focus is just as important. So I would like to work on setting things into their proper perspective. Making sure the important things are in the sharpest focus. :)

And there you have it.

Want to play along with the bite-sized words? What do you pick for January? 

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