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Light, Funny, Jane, Table, Organization. Pics to follow.

2 layouts closer to The End of The Big Project. I am one of those scrappers that takes a few hours to complete a layout - usually 2-4 hours. And I have to pace myself - for huge projects I have a really tough time scrapping more than 2 layouts in a day before I start feeling overwhelmed and WAY too spent. Pacing is key to happiness and satisfaction with layouts in my world. Starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel. :)

Funny of the Day 

Today Rowen woke up from her nap, Jared came home and we were getting ready to go pick up our car from the dealership (I didn’t mention that our front strut - I don’t even know what this is - was broken and we had to get both of them replaced yesterday, ouch to the tune of nearly $800 … our car’s warranty ran out 6 months ago *sigh*. :( but anyway…)

We were changing clothes, etc. and Rowen sat down on the floor in our room and said, “All this getting ready is making me sleepy again.” 

She also made up her very first story, and told it to Jared two nights ago. She hides under her blanket, embarrassed every time I ask her about it, so I’ll need to have him write it down. From what I’ve heard, it’s about a clock that “ticks left”, and he gets made fun of when he goes to school. I understand that things work out in the end, though (need more details here). I love this girl.


Jane the Cat has taken up quarters underneath my new scrap table. She was officially booted from her old haunt (the top of Jared’s computer) when he brought up his NEW MONSTER COMPUTER that he built himself the other night. This thing, have I mentioned it’s a MONSTER? This is the hugest case I’ve ever seen. And it has rails that look like the spoiler of a car. Pics to follow. Anyway, not a good kitty roost, so Jane has moved under my table.

New Table! 

Which, have I mentioned? I LOVE. Holy cow. I’ve been scrapping on a little crappy rolling kitchen island that a friend of ours gave us in like 2002. It was less than 2 feet deep, maybe 36 inches long, and had two open shelves for everything to hang out everywhere. New table=love to scrap again. Pics (you guessed it) to follow. When it’s not nearly midnight.

I also  reorganized my embellishment storage, thanks to this book:


At first  I was like, scraprooms, meh. But there’s one tip - sorting all embellishments by color - that I decided to try out in my own space. It has completely changed my ability to FIND things. I know. Revolutionary. What? Not using the same embellishment pack on 5 layouts in succession because it’s the only one sitting on your desk at the time? Done it. Wanted to branch out. :P

Everyone has to figure out what works for them (for example, in Stacy’s Big Picture book, she says that she sorts all her letters by letter, and just pulls out what she needs randomly. Tried that. It totally doesn’t work for me. I found myself digging for letters in specific fonts so I could spell words that didn’t have that ransom-note look to them, and then realized that my storage totally didn’t fit with the way I like to scrap (which, if you haven’t guessed now, tends to be titles of all the same font).

I completed the sorting/purging process last week (lots of, oh! That’s cute! I didn’t even remember I had that!). I’ve used the system (i.e. four of those 3-drawer plastic bins stacked on the floor next to the giant new scrap table, but “system” sounds so much cooler :D) on about 10 layouts so far, and I must say, it works great for me. Each color has its own drawer, which I can actually pull out and set on the table while I go through the contents. Again, pics to follow, at a time that is not midnight.

See you tomorrow for Photoshop Friday! :D 

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