Stumbled on..

1. Pocket Mod! How awesome is this! It lets you create and print a mini-planner from a single sheet of letter-sized paper. I especially love the Storyboard one - how perfect for planning layouts! I can keep these in my bag for writing stuff down anytime. :) Doesn’t overcome my love for a good Moleskine though. :D

2. The single cutest skirt I have seen in the past 6 months. And it’s green! The price tag, though. Oof. But how can you resist a skirt with its own pocket pouch? I ask you?

3. Very cool guide to the various kinds of snowflakes. Contemplating our Christmas visit to Idaho this year, and the actual chance of seeing actual snow. Ahhh. :) The temps around here don’t have me feeling very festive yet, and I find that getting dressed in the summertime is a tough thing. Bleh.

So what have you stumbled on lately? 



Jessica Sprague12 Comments